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UHS Janitorial Range-Aerosols

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UHS-HWP16 UHS High Wax Polish 400ml
High Wax Polish containes wax and silicones and is designed to remove dust, finger marks coffee cup rings etc. It produces a high gloss finish on most surfaces including polished woods, lacquered surfaces... More Info>>
Item # UHS-HWP16
UHS-PBCP16 UHS Cleaner Polish 400ml
Cleaner Polishe is ideal for use on most surfaces where a lustrous finish is required. It may be used on any surface requiring a shine, including all polished woods, lacquered surfaces, leather, vinyl... More Info>>
Item # UHS-PBCP16
UHS-SSCL16 UHS Stainless Steel Cleaner 400ml
Use to remove light soiling ans stains. Excellent performance on stainless steel, aluminium, chrome etc. Deposits a clear fine protective film, leaving a soft glowing finish. The product doesn’t... More Info>>
Item # UHS-SSCL16
UHS-SGC16 UHS Glass and Mirror Cleaner 400ml
Specifically formulated to remove dust, dirt, grease and finger marks from glass and mirrors. More Info>>
Item # UHS-SGC16
UHS-GR400 UHS Graffiti Remover 400ml
A special blend of low odour solvents and cellulose thickeners formulated for the effective removal of Graffiti. Removes, inks, crayons, cellulose and non cellulose paints. Safe for use on most surfaces... More Info>>
Item # UHS-GR400
UHS-PB400SLR UHS Sticky Label Remover 400ml
Used for removing adhesive paper labels from most surfaces. More Info>>
Item # UHS-PB400SLR
UHS-DFUC16 UHS Dry Foam Upholstery Cleaner 400ml
More Info>>
Item # UHS-DFUC16
UHS-GS16 UHS Chewing Gum Remover
More Info>>
Item # UHS-GS16


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