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Stay Put Non-Chlorinated 13 Kg Canister
Stay Put Non-Chlorinated 13 Kg Canister

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Stay Put Non-Chlorinated 13 Kilo Canister
Non-Chlorinated is a self-contained canister adhesive designed for bonding sensitive substrates. The superior bond strength properties makes the Non-Chlorinated an excellent choice for most permanent or temporary applications. Non-Chlorinated has exceptional tack and high shear strength; water resistance; is fast drying and has a long working time.

Agressive grab tack
High Strength Bonds
Reduced application time
Selfcontained/portable/low maintenance spray system
User friendly/No clean-up required
Does not contain CFC's or ozone depleting compounds
Fast Drying
500ml Aerosol and 13Kg Disposable Canister
RECOMMENDED USES: Non-Chlorinated was designed to be used as a multi-purpose product. The pressure sensitive qualities make this product suitable for variety of applications within the general construction, manufactured housing, RV/Caravans, aviation, marine, HVAS, textile, and upholstery industries. It can be used on porous and many non-porous surfaces. For temporary bonds, spray one surface only.
Substrates and materials which 2006M can effectivly bond include:
Wood products, Moulded Fibreglass, most Metals, Expanded Polystyrene, Wall Panel Construction, Urethane Foams, most Plastics, Fabrics, Glass, Bath Surrounds, Particle Board, Paper Products, Fibreglass Insulation, Non-backed Carpet, Foam-backed Carpet, Painted Steel, Felt, Duct Liner and Wrap, and many more!


** Please note that you will be charged normal carriage plus £15.00 as this product is classed as Hazardous **


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