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Appliance descaler 1ltr Bottle
Appliance descaler 1ltr Bottle

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Nilscale is a safe and effective descaler for kettles, steam irons and coffee machines, which use food related active ingredients.
Pour 100ml (half a cup) of Nilscale into kettle and fill with tap water. Stir and leave for 8 hours. Empty contents and rinse twice with tap water. Fill kettle as usual, boil once and discard water before use.
For heavily scaled kettles use 200ml (one cup) of Nilscale and follow above procedure.
Half fill kettle with water and boil. Disconnect from power supply and leave to cool for 60 seconds. Slowly add 200ml (one cup) of Nilscale and leave effervescence to subside. If scale is not completely removed, reheat only until effervescence reappears, DO NOT BOIL. Switch off and allow to cool.
Once descaling is complete empty kettle and rinse twice. Fill kettle with water, boil and discard water.
Mix 50ml (quarter cup) of Nilscale with 50ml of water in a jug. Add to steam iron
and top-up with water to fill reservoir. Place in a plastic bowl with hotplate
facedown. Leave for 15 to 20 minutes before emptying. Rinse twice with water and
wipe dry.
Pour 100ml (half cup) of Nilscale into a jug and add two cups of water. Stir
thoroughly and pour into reservoir. Switch machine on for one minute. Switch off
and leave for 8 hours. Switch on and boil remaining liquid through as normal.
Discard liquid and boil a full container through machine at least twice before use.
Pour 50ml to 100ml of Nilscale into a narrow jug. Disconnect shower head and
place head down in liquid. Top-up with hot water to cover shower head, stir and
leave for 30 minutes. Rinse before use.
Watermarks and limescale can be removed from surfaces by applying neat product
with a cloth or sponge and removing after a short period. Appliances should be cold
during this process.
Disconnect appliances from power supply before cleaning. Do not use on enamel
metals. Not recommended for old or scale damaged appliances. As with all cleaners
the use of protective gloves is recommended. In case of contact with eyes or broken
skin, rinse affected areas with plenty of water.


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